* Even Bruce Lee was concerned about becoming a better martial artist in the most effective way. We apply that concept to help you restore your health as fast as possible.  ( Photo above: Legend Bruce Lee & George Mendoza Jr at  only 14 years of age, former asthma kid )

*Our "Short cut" holistic approach to wellness & health has the same path as Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do = Simple & Direct. 

 *Thanks to the revolutionary MIRS (Muscular Intelligence Response System), we are able to obtain intelligent feedback information about your health and determine how to improve it without any side-effects.

 *Our concept is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which involves the concept that all organs of the body are connected.  

* Our human body is a living ELECTROMAGNETIC field; therefore, Medical BIO-MAGNETISM is very effective and is the medicine of the future! 

    simplicity & directness

* "TAO" HEALTH = THE NATURAL WAY (Natural Healing Technology) 

 * We find what the main cause of your is problem and we provide you with a natural, intelligent guideline for your body-healing process.

* If we nourish your body correctly, we will be able to reach our health and sports goals faster than you think.

 * We have a holistic and complete system that use many health tools, such as Medical Bio-Magnetism,  Bio-Electric Medicine, Quantum Health,  Food Healing, Qi Gong = Energy circulating in the human body, brain reprogramming, muscle testing, natural medicine, performance nutrition, performance supplements, emotional transformation techniques, hydro-work outs, remote i-Therapy, chakra alignment, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and more.  

* Our main concern is YOU! We help you to achieve the right electrical current in your organs to promote optimized functioning.

* If you invest the same amount of money on your body as you do on your car, you will have a much better level of wellness.

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​Revolutionary MIRS: Muscular Intelligence Response System

 revolutionary muscular intelligence response